Saturday, December 20, 2014

Casey, 1 minute d'arrêt !

After 3 days waiting for our flight, we finally managed to get to Antarctica ! A large slice of blue, the Southern Ocean, a belt of sea ice, a smooth landing on the ice and we get to know our "paradis blanc". The White paradise. That flight was almost too easy for me. I always tried to convince myself that the beauty of Antarctica deserves the difficulty to reach it.
30 minutes before landing, we put on our survival gear, thermals, polar fleeces, softshells, my body is now reaching 40 degrees. Greatest irony when you arrive in Antarctica. And then the door opens, and plenty of smiles jump on you. Here we are !
Since the 18th of December, we are waiting in Casey that the weather gets better in Davis, and that the big red and white birds come to pick us up.


Après 3 jours à attendre notre vol, nous avons finalement atteint l'Antarctique ! Le grand bleu de l'Océan Circumpolaire, une bande de banquise, un atterrissage on ne peut plus doux sur le plateau et nous pouvons enfin profiter de notre paradis blanc. Ces vols sont presque trop faciles, moi qui me suis toujours convaincue que la difficulté d'atteindre le continent justifiait sa beauté. 30 minutes avant l'atterrissage, nous enfilons notre équipement de survie, thermales, polaires, softshells, mon corps doit bien atteindre les 40 degrés. Ironie du sort, lorsqu'on arrive en Antarctique. Et puis la porte s'ouvre et plein de sourires se jettent sur vous. Nous y voilà !
Depuis le 18 décembre, nous attendons à Casey que le temps s'améliore sur Davis et que nos gros oiseaux rouges et blancs viennent nous chercher.

Flying over the sea ice

The shiny blue ice. Few seconds before landing.

On our way to Casey from Wilkins. Crossing to Antarctic circle.

Australian Territory ?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Number 5

D-5 before our departure. 5 hours flight to Wilkes airway over the Southern Ocean. 5 hours drive to Casey across the Antarctic circle. 5 hours flight on a Basler to Davis station.

Hope the number 5 will be our lucky one for this season.

It's now time for me to pack my bags and reach Tasmania.

Goodbye Australia. See you soon Antarctica !

Monday, September 8, 2014

C'est re-parti !

"What's happening in Enderby Land ?"

We still don't know, but it sounds like we might know by the end of the year !

The 8th of September, our field work project has been finally approved by the Australian Antarctic Division. Now starts a round of training, medical checks and lists of approvals.

The departure is scheduled on the 15th of December, and we might be back on the 6th of February. So leaving later in the season means also having a better chance to find a good weather window to go on the field.

This year, we will be also followed by the Canada Goose Project, Where does your Goose take you ?, supported by APECS (Association of Polar Early Careers Scientists) who is providing us expedition jackets. Further information on their website will come soon.

So from now, fingers crossed !